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Sunny Days

Spain is one of the most important destinies for productions in the world. Since the 60s, where the industry of cinema started in Spain, more and more productions have been coming to film in a country with more than 300 sunny days per year.

FonkTown offers its servics all over Spain. We are located in Madrid, Barcelona, Balear islands and Valencia. With all this network setted up we are able to offer you production services of any kind all over the peninsula.

Even when are thousand of miles between us, you will feel a work flow where we will be really close to you, being clear, organized, fast and compromised with your project.

We have the experience of being working for many years with companies all over the world, for this reason we are highly flexible in that regard and we can meet your demand.

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Film services #

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For projects in Spain

Comercial / Cinema / Broadcast TV

Fonktown is a production company with a great deal of experience of producing a broad range of projects from the preproduction to the wrap. Our crew consists of a wide range of professionals with experience in productions from all over the world.


We are able to source a variety of locations all over the Spanish peninsula.

Coastal Areas and beaches / Architectural Buildings / Private houses

If you have a location in mind, we will find that place for you. We have a huge network of private and public locations with the direct contact. This local experience allows to accelerate the process of scouting and location booking.


We have all the equipment necessary to shoot the most demanding of film and TV productions.

Arri, Sony and Red cinema cameras / Grip and lighting / Drones

Our equipment is in excellent condition. If you want to have a look, just call us and we can show it to your DP, camera operator or gaffer to check the quality and condition.


We can work with local agencies to source.

Models / Actors / Characters / contributors

A large cast of actors and models are available from almost every part of the world who speak any language. Although, if you are looking for someone in particular, we have contact with the main agents all over Spain.


Professionalism and flexibility

Director / AD – Producer / Fixer / Loc Manager / Scouter / DoP / Cameraman / Gaffer / Electric / PA / Runners

We have all the support you need in any production department. We also are able to supply bilingual crews of the highest quality.

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