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When it comes to producing an audiovisual project, many details must be taken care of in order to ensure that the final result accurately reflects what is indicated on the script. One of the most important elements is the selection of the appropriate locations, and here is where the figure of the location manager comes into the equation.

Choosing the ideal location is essential in any production. That’s why it’s essential to have the best criteria when selecting a location manager for your audiovisual production.

Do you want to know how to choose the best location manager in Spain? Keep reading and we will tell you how!

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What is a location manager?

A location manager is the person responsible for the research and management of all the locations needed for the shooting of an audiovisual production.

Although this profile is not well known, the role of the location manager is fundamental, as he or she is able to translate the script of the film production into reality.

Tasks of a location manager in an audiovisual production

As mentioned before, the main responsibility of a location manager is to manage all the locations that are part of a film shoot. However, in order to carry out this mission, he/she also performs other specific tasks throughout the whole process.

These are the functions of a location manager in an audiovisual production:

  1. Analysis of the script and project ➤
  2. Location scouting ➤
  3. Location selection
  4. Management duties during the shooting ➤
  5. Checking the condition of the space after the shoot ➤

Analysis of the script and project

The first step that a location manager must take is to study the script deeply, as he/she must know the audiovisual project in detail in order to select the perfect locations.

During this stage the location manager will also meet the director and the entire production department in order to share the ideas and details that each one of them have in mind about the audiovisual production. It is very important to maintain fluid communication between these members throughout the entire process.

Location scouting

The location scouting is the main duty of a location manager. To do so, he or she must not only consider whether the location is beautiful or if it fits the script, but also other aspects such as the work schedule and the budget, because moving the team to various locations involves a cost.

All this research must be documented and then shared with the rest of the team. The location manager is also in charge of creating his or her own directory of locations with their corresponding notes, photographs and addresses.

In many cases the location manager of an audiovisual production will use platforms or location directories that have a list of recommended locations for filming at a national or provincial level. For example, the Spain Film Commission, which is supported by the Ministry of Culture and Sports of the Government of Spain.location manager funciones productora audiovisual Fonktown España

Location selection

The selection of the locations is one of the main duties of a location manager, as his or her decision will have a major impact on the final outcome of the audiovisual production.

After compiling a variety of possible locations to shoot, the location manager must have a good criteria when selecting among all of these locations in order to ensure the best results.

Like we have said, besides the landscape and the adaptability of a place to the script, a location manager must choose the locations thinking about several other aspects. These include, for example, accessibility, noise levels, permits and tax incentives, and health and safety regulations.

Management duties during the shooting

After the selection of the specific locations that will be part of the shoot, the location manager continues to play a key role during the shooting. The location manager also performs management tasks related to the shooting locations.

First of all, the location manager provides all crew members with a list of the locations to be shot, with the date, time and precise addresses. The location manager is always the first to arrive at the location to manage and organize everything before the rest of the team arrives.

In addition, the location manager may also be responsible for arranging all permits and utilities in the area, as well as booking accommodation, technical requirements or equipment rental.

Checking the condition of the space after the shoot

As well as being the first to arrive at the shooting location, a location manager must also be the last to leave, as he or she is the person in charge of making sure that the space is left in good condition after the shoot.

The location manager is in charge of managing the cleaning of the locations and repairing any damage that may have been left behind. Thus, in the event of damage to the location, he is also in charge of making a report of the damage and dealing with it.

Tips for choosing the best location manager in Spain

The role of the location manager is essential to achieve good results during an audiovisual production. For this reason, it is very important to choose a competent professional to assume this role.

Here are some tips on how to choose the best location manager in Spain:

  • Knowledge of the area: As a location finder, it will always help if the person knows the area, as he/she will be more efficient when it comes to moving around and will not start from scratch for the compilation of locations.
  • An active and organized person: The functions of location manager require an active attitude that makes it possible to move from one place to another in their search for locations. The professional must also be very organized when it comes to managing shooting tasks, such as planning the schedule, controlling the budget or creating a location directory.
  • Experience: As in all professions, it will always be more beneficial to have a professional with a long track record in the industry. Especially in the case of a location manager, since he/she is more likely to have a long list of locations available for any type of audiovisual production.
  • Flexibility: The location manager requires a lot of flexibility, as he/she must always be present during the shooting, even at night. Therefore, this profession also involves a lot of traveling around the country, so the person in charge of locations must be willing to do so.
  • Travel lover: Along the same lines as the flexibility criterion, if the professional likes to travel, he/she will always facilitate transfers from one place to another. In addition, if he/she has previously made many trips, he/she will also have a long list of documented locations.

consejos para elegir location manager productora audiovisual España

What kind of location manager should you choose according to your audiovisual project?

Just as there are many types of audiovisual projects, there are also certain professionals dedicated to each one of them. That is precisely why, depending on the project, the location manager is required to have more specialized audiovisual notions.

For example, they will know when the sun rises and sets in the area, the permits to fly drones, the possibility of having a nearby parking lot for numerous vehicles in big productions or if the chosen space can support large camera equipment such as a Scorpio crane or a dolly.

A location manager who has worked on major productions will always be more aware of the logistical side of things.

Besides the conditions of the location and the size of the production, sometimes it is the specific nature of the audiovisual project that requires a location manager who specializes in large-scale management or not.

For example, for a wildlife documentary, the most advisable thing to look for is a location manager who knows the mountains of the area very well, while for a production located in urban neighborhoods you will need a different type of location manager who already has previous experience in this type of spaces.

What kind of locations can you find in Spain

Spain is an ideal country for film shoots, as you can choose from a wide variety of locations. From rural landscapes and paradisiacal coastal areas, to futuristic cities that look like something out of a science fiction movie.

Although we have already written an article about the 31 best locations to film in Spain, this time we will explain in depth the main types of locations you can find in Spain:

Parks and green areas

Spain offers cities that contain a true oasis of vegetation in the middle of an urban environment. These parks and green areas, as well as the aesthetics and the fresh air they provide to the local inhabitants, are a great focus of attention for audiovisual productions.

The green areas of Spain present many advantages for the filming of movies, series, spots, etc;besides of serving as a beautiful scenic space, many of them also contain many historical monuments in their interior.

Some of the most recognized parks and green areas in Spain are the Antiguo Cauce del Rio Turia in Valencia, the Retiro Park in Madrid and the Maria Luisa Park in Sevilla.

parque del retiro madrid location manager

Neighborhoods and historical monuments

The cities of Spain are known for their great cultural and historical value, as in many of them different cultural movements have coexisted over the years. That is why they have many recognized historical monuments.

For example, the Gothic basilica of Gaudi is considered a World Heritage Site and is one of the great icons of the city of Barcelona, and Spain in general. This has the benefit that just by showing the monument in a scene, the viewer already understands where the story is set. It is a perfect place for film shoots, because in addition to its architectural beauty, it has plenty of space to house all kinds of human and material equipment.

On the other hand, among the most recognized historical neighborhoods in Spain ideal for audiovisual productions are the Barrio del Carmen in Valencia, Malasaña in Madrid and Gracià in Barcelona.

sagrada familia barcelona location manager

Rural landscapes

In addition to the green areas in the urban nucleus, Spain has a large number of mountain areas that are often used as settings for international film productions. There are many areas of the country with great natural heritage. Some of the most distinguished are the monastery of Montserrat in Barcelona or the Puig Major in Mallorca.

On the other hand, beyond the great amount of natural places that exist, there are also certain villages of the peninsula with great rural charm. For example, Peñíscola, where the landscape and its historic center have been the scene of many film shoots.

monasterio montserrat Mallorca location manager production company Fonktown España

Futuristic settings

If you are looking for a futuristic location for your audiovisual production, Spain is definitely the place for you. To be specific the most outstanding futuristic location in Spain is the City of Arts and Sciences, which is one of the most famous locations in the city of Valencia and has hosted many film shoots, series, shootings and commercials.

It is an architectural complex designed by Santiago Calatrava that is characterized by the modern and futuristic style reflected in its structures and paths made of white trencadís and divided by large ponds of crystalline water in the middle.

However, throughout the country you can also find other futuristic locations such as the Hotel Vela and the MareNostrum Tower in Barcelona or the unique buildings of the Alava Technology Park.

ciudad de las artes y las ciencias location manager

Islands and paradisiacal coasts

Who said that to shoot on a dream beach it was necessary to go to the Caribbean?

Spain has a large number of paradisiacal coves and beaches that are ideal for filming audiovisual productions. In addition, they are surrounded by an environment full of vegetation and roads with views that make up an idyllic landscape.

The most outstanding coves in Spain are located in the Balearic Islands, among them the Cabo de Formentor in Mallorca, the Port of Mahón in Menorca, the Es Vedrà cove in Ibiza and the Ses Illetes beach in Formentera.

ses illetes formentera location manager

Why should you choose Fonktown as your production’s location manager?

If you are looking for a professional to find and manage the locations of your audiovisual production, you can trust Fonktown‘s location manager, as we stand out for being a leading production services company in Spain.

These are the reasons why you should choose Fonktown Spain’s location manager:

  • Experience in scouting: Fonktown has an experienced team specialized in scouting. This service is focused on finding the best locations for audiovisual productions in Spain.
  • Local knowledge: Fonktown’s location managers have a long professional experience in Spain, so they have an in-depth knowledge of the entire national territory, which greatly facilitates the search and management of locations.
  • Service throughout Spain: Fonktown works with its team of location managers all over the country. In addition, they have worked for years throughout the country and will be able to offer you the best locations in Spain for your project.
  • All types of audiovisual projects: Fonktown’s location manager has a long experience that allows him to develop his tasks in different types of audiovisual pieces. Whether your project is a commercial, a movie, a TV series or a documentary, he will find the perfect location for you.
  • Direct access to governmental authorities: Thanks to his extensive experience and continuous work in Spain, Fonktown has contact with all governmental authorities and can get all the necessary permits and paperwork for audiovisual productions as fast as possible.

Contact our location manager in Spain

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