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Our full production house will offer you the widest range of services with exclusive advantages. We will save your time bidding several options, finding the best locations, casting and hiring the proper talents and crew for your creativity and budget.

The line producer will analyze your production in order to help you with any incentive that can be applied to your film, tv series, tv shows or documentaries. This same line producer will be on the production from the earlier steps of the pitch, throughout the shoot all the way to the wrap.

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We work in partnership with the main providers in Madrid

Besides all the services already mentioned there are many other requirements that a project abroad will always need. Transport, accommodation, transfers, catering and many other needs to offer a confortable environment for you and your client.

All this is translated in one thing. Fonktown is an strong production service company located in 2 continents and 3 countries. Our mission is to provide you the best production services to make your project easy and smooth. Both you and your clients will be impatient to come back to film again with us.

The way we get involved in your production

A producer will introduce personally to you

You can contact us by phone or you can fill in your details in the form bellow.
We will contact you briefly to organize all the info of your project and start with a personalized proposal.


We send you a proporsal

With a team full of professionals from each field, we will send you a first quote with specific prices. We will also include a personal site and references of each head of department.

Attaching also a first proposal of locations, casting and any other requirement you have asked. Our experienced production service company will carry out the perfect process to make sure that your production will be as you imagine.


We start producing your film

The Fonktown Line Producer will be the responsible for helping you contacting and dealing with the right providers and professional crew.

Our producer is Valencian and Spanish speaker. He will carry out translation work, not only moving the language, but making the meanings clearer according to your context and country.

All this will be translated in one thing, your preproduction time will be optimized.


We will offer you theproper locationsin Madrid and Spain to carry out your project. We have access to private homes, natural parks, public institutions and buildings to make your project perfect.

You can make the difference #

You can make the difference #

You can make the difference #

You can make the difference #

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We've worked with some of the biggest brands

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