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Find the best locations in Madrid thanks to our Scouting service

This is one of Fonktown’s best strengths.

We scout the most amazing locations for your project. Does not matter if it is a commercial, film, tv series or documentary.

We analyze the project in collaboration with you getting every detail, doing a complete research of all your needs to find that secret and amazing spot you are looking for.

Scouting in Madrid #

Scouting in Madrid #

Scouting in Madrid #

Scouting in Madrid #

Scouting in Madrid #

We provide the best locations in Madrid

Madrid, the Capital, located in the center of the Iberic Peninsula is the icon of the Spanish culture. The neighborhoods are plenty of all kind of cafeterias, bars and restaurants. From the typical sunny terrace to the coolest and most trendiest designs.

In this city you can find almost everything, huge buildings, charming plazas with traditional architecture and modern business areas. We have iconic locations like Santiago Bernabeu, Palacio de Cristal, Plaza Mayor or la Puerta del Sol.

Out of Madrid you have a huge amount of never ending land. Mountains, winding roads, desert, forests, little towns, windmills, rivers… No matter what you ask everything is close.

Our location managers knows perfectly the area. We will show you all our options and if you are not still convinced we will show you more.

Madrid a huge city in the middle of a surprisingly heterogeneous land.

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